Pods & Tots

Pods & Tots

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the new frenzy of laundry pacs. Whether it be Tide pods or Gain flings, many mothers use these to save time and stickiness when doing the ever so dreaded laundry, including myself. We spend less time pouring detergent and more time doing actual laundry, like putting clothes in the dryer or folding the never ending pile of clean clothes (ugh!) Also, these are much less heavier to carry around if you don’t do laundry at home. While we are always on the look-out making sure our tots don’t grab our things (mooooom!), we must also remember to keep these laundry pacs out of reach of our little ones. These are seemingly intriguing to us as adults, imagine a tiny tot! They are delicate and with one curious chomp they quickly turn into our worst nightmare! Make sure they are stored in a cool place and out of reach of our littles, remember it only takes a second.


Happy babyproofing!


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